Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Tech Review Videos of 2011

This year YouTubeserved more than 1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion) playbacks, about 140 views for every person on the earthand these are the numbers that makes YouTube 3rd most visited website.YouTube already revealed most viewed videos in 2011 but Here’s a list of Top 5 most viewed YouTube Tech review videos of 2011:

1. iPhone 5 Concept Features                                                                   40,271,909 views

2. How to Video Chat on Facebook using ChatVibes                                7,956,698 views

3. Real iPhone 5 Unboxing?                                                                         3,528,614 views

4. iPhone 5 with 8MP Camera and More!                                                   3,068,048 views

5. iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S comparison speed camera volume                  394,897 views

 You can also check out the most viewed YouTube videos of 2011 in  fashion, beauty, sports, gaming, travel, fitness, food, science, family, pets, and wedding proposals.
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