TikTok is Coming After Instagram with Its New Photos App

TikTok photos logo preview image
In Short
  • A string of code discovered within the latest TikTok APK hints at the release of the TikTok Photos app.
  • This could be a separate app from TikTok that will allow users to sync their posts and public photos.
  • The app is expected to be released soon and should be available for both Android and iOS.

At the peak of TikTok’s popularity, Instagram did not shy from copying its short videos concept to introduce Reels, which became a massive hit among its users. Now it seems like TikTok is all set to play the Uno reverse card on Instagram as a string of code was found within the TikTok app hinting at the launch of a new TikTok Photos app.

This news comes from the folks at SpAndroid who have discovered numerous strings within the latest APK of the TikTok app version 33.8.4. As shown in the sceenshot below, the code mentions the app by name “TikTok Photos” and some of its options.

These options include — “Share this post to TikTok Photos” and “Reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts.” Such options may be displayed to users to inform them about the new app and direct them to download it.

Image Courtesy: SpAndroid

More strings of code highlight the ability to “Sync your posts to TikTok Photos”. This allows users to move their existing photo posts to the new platform. This photo-sharing app may be released soon according to the leak, and it could be available on both Android and iOS.

The statement “we hope to help you gain new audiences in the new app” implies that it would be a standalone app rivaling Instagram rather than an extension of TikTok. Users will also have the option to automatically sync their public posts to TikTok Photos.

The report also included a possible icon for the TikTok Photos app. This icon shares a similar color scheme as the current TikTok logo with the letter “P,” which possibly stands for “Photos”.

Image Courtesy: SpAndroid

It is a little odd that TikTok is planning on releasing a new app when the U.S., one of its biggest markets, has recently passed a Bipartisan bill to ban the platform in the region. This could be a workaround for TikTok to operate under a new non-Chinese company. Or it could just be their attempt to capture Instagram’s market share.

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