“This Website Will Self Destruct” If You Do Not Post Any Messages for 24 Hours Straight

Website self destruct feat.

The internet is filled with weird and quirky websites that have been made just for fun. We have seen some in our line of work like the one that generates soothing bird sounds or the official website of PiedPiper from the show Silicon Valley. Some of these websites are often forgotten after some time but remain on the internet for eternity. However, unlike these websites, “This Website Will Self Destruct” is a completely different type of website that will actually stop existing on the internet if people forget about it.

Created by someone named @FemmeAndroid on Twitter, this website went live just recently. The creator is a comic book artist who also happens to develop quirky and fun websites like Ludoly.com, Listenlater.fm and the aforementioned one. This is why the website carries a minimal comic-book-like theme.

Now, coming to the website, “This Website Will Self Destruct” is essentially a website to share anything and everything anonymously on the web. When you open the site, you will be greeted with the title of the website along with a countdown timer that starts from 86,400 seconds. Beneath that, you will find a letter from the website itself providing you with important information about itself.

The letter by the website states that users can send messages to the website using a form and if the site does not receive any message for a straight 24 hours, i.e., 86,400 seconds, it will permanently self-destruct, wiping everything clean from its database.

As a postscript, the letter strictly states that it does not collect any data about the users other than the messages they send and it actually doesn’t believe in tracking people. If only all the websites on the internet thought like you, my (website) friend!

Share Anything Without Any Fear

Now, as the messages are absolutely anonymous, users can share anything about themselves without the fear of any judgement or finger-pointing. This allows the users to get any of their views and opinions, even if they are weird, funny or outright mean, out in the void that we call the internet.

Scrolling down a bit, you will find three buttons. The first two buttons – “Read a message” and the heart emoji, are pretty self-explanatory. However, pressing the third button, “Feeling Down?”, will open-up another “concerned” letter from the website.

In this letter, the website basically offers help to you or anyone you know struggling with mental health problems. It contains links to various websites of mental health support organisations in the US and the UK.

So if all my blabbering made you even 10% curious, then go on and check out the website for yourself. I am sure, your time will pass by reading the thousands of messages by users. Before, you leave the site, be sure to write a message to save the website and let it just exist.

SOURCE The Verge
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