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When it comes to comparing phones online, we rely on 2D pictures on the websites for the looks and dimensions of the device. As we cannot get our hands on the physical device, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand how the device will look like in real-life.

Well, this website solves a part of that problem by rendering 3D images of the latest smartphones for us to compare. Discovered by a Reddit user, going by the name of “Dung3onlord“, the user posted about the site on r/android community. is a website that helps users to compare the latest smartphones side by side in 3D. Currently, the devices listed on the website is not long, but it contains some of the flagship devices including the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup. You can choose a device which you currently own to compare with a device that you are planning to buy. The website will give you the exact dimensions of the devices that you are comparing. You can also choose the available colours of the devices from a drop-down menu below the names of the devices. One unique feature of the website is that as it is a 3D render, it also shows how the light will reflect when you hold the device at various angles.

Now, when comparing the devices, you can click on them and move around to view from every possible angle. The rendering quality of the 3D image is pretty good with rich details. However, there is no option to zoom in to watch the devices closely.

Currently, there are only 41 devices listed on the website for you choose from. This list includes the latest iPhone lineup, the Google Pixel 4 lineup, the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series and few devices from Xiaomi, Honor and OnePlus. Click on the link below to start comparing your favorite smartphone.

Pro tip: When inside the website, to get a clutter-free experience, press F11 to enter the full-screen mode.

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