This Service Lets You Send Free Anonymous Emails

This Service Lets You Send Free Anonymous Emails

This Service Lets You Send Free Anonymous Emails

You must have come across situations where you desperately need to share your opinions without revealing your identity. It could be reporting the toxic behavior of a colleague from work or just informing the higher officials about an issue everyone has been facing in college. Creating a dedicated email account to do this can be exhausting and temporary email solutions probably won’t work either as they are usually marked as spam by popular email service providers like Gmail. This is where SendMail, an anonymous email service comes to the scene.

SendMail lets you send anonymous emails to a single person. To avoid misuse, the number of recipients has been limited to one. I tried sending an email through SendMail to my work email address and noticed that it doesn’t get marked as spam and gets delivered straight to the inbox.

By default, the service doesn’t allow you to include attachments. However, you can upload the attachments to a cloud service and paste the link in the email body if you think the attachment plays a major role in the email.

The service also offers a feature to notify you when the email gets read by the recipient. For this, you will have to provide your email address as the notification will be sent to the email address you specify in this step.

You must be wondering if someone misuses the service to spam you. Do not worry, the website has time limitations and it does not allow users to rapidly send emails. If you got a SendMail and wish to not receive one again, you can simply unsubscribe from the Unsubscribe link present in the mail. Alternatively, you can visit here to opt-out of SendMails.

With all that said, we would recommend you not to misuse the service for promoting hate speech or any misinformation. Check out SendMail from here and let us know if you found this useful in the comments.

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