Tencent Is Looking for a “Pokemon Consultant” to Develop a New Switch Game

Tencent hiring a pokemon consultant feat.

Were you that kid in school who owned every Pokemon collectible and watched the show on Cartoon Network religiously? If yes, then I have got some good news for you. PUBG Mobile and COD developer, Tencent Games, has recently opened 19 positions for Pokemon-related jobs.

If you’re unaware, TiMi Studios, a Tencent Games subsidiary, has been working with the Japan-based Pokemon Company to bring out a new 5v5 battle game, Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch consoles, and mobile devices. So, to develop the perfect Pokemon title, TiMi Studios is now hiring people who are crazy about these pocket monsters and know all about them.

Amongst the 19 open positions, the most interesting one is the job of a Pokemon Consultant. Yeah, this job exists and you can secure a spot if you have the required knowledge and expertise in the field of Pokemon. A senior analyst from Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, recently shared a tweet (below) about the aforementioned position. In the tweet, he also listed the requirements for the job.

Now, as you can guess, you need to be one of the greatest Pokemon-heads in the world to get the job. So, before you apply for the job, make sure you have cleared all the Pokemon games with 900+ hours of recorded playtime, know the history of the vast Pokemon universe, have a “Master Ball” ranking in Pokemon, and watched at least 500+ episodes of the anime series. Yeah, you need to be that kind of a Pokemon-head!

So, if you are someone like “Uncle Pokemon” and have all the above checkboxes ticked, then I am sure you’ll get the job. Good luck!

VIA Nintendo Life
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