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Microsoft’s Surface Chief Says There is No Surface Phone in the Immediate Future

While Microsoft's Surface line-up of convertibles continues to set higher benchmarks with every new generation, the company has also been rumored to be developing...
Microsoft Three Display Phone Patent

Microsoft Patent Details Foldable Smartphone with Three Screens

Since late last year, rumors about a foldable Surface Phone from Microsoft have been doing the rounds. At first, reports revealed that the company...
Microsoft Engineer Slips Out Surface Phone Accidentally While Defending Cortana

Microsoft Engineer in China May Just Have Revealed Surface Phone Details

Cortana on mobile is like a child caught in a separation — the separation of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Although Microsoft's virtual assistant is available on...
Microsoft Surface Phone concept

Microsoft Appears to be Testing Apps for the Foldable Surface Phone

Fold it like a handkerchief and shove it in your pocket - that's what Microsoft dreams the future of smartphones to be and a...