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10 Best Secure Messaging Apps to Keep Your Conversation Private

10 Best Secure Messaging Apps to Keep Your Conversation Private

In 2019, we came across the fact that NSA collects almost 200 million text messages every day. That is when we realized that our...

How to Encrypt Your Android Device to Secure Personal Data

When we talk about security, be it on mobile devices or platforms or even apps, "encryption" is one word that is thrown around quite often. While...

Why and How to Enable Two Factor Authentication for iCloud

If you're an Apple user, you definitely have an iCloud account. After all, it is the only way to experience the Apple ecosystem in all its glory....
how to check and recover hacked Facebook Account

How to Check and Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

With over 1.65 billion users to steal information from, Facebook is one of the biggest target of hackers. Hackers are trying to hack into...
Best ways to keep privacy on Android

10 Important Tips to Keep Your Android Device Secure

Android's open-source nature brings various perks for users. However, it also makes the platform prone to security issues. Malicious app makers and hackers use...
how to encrypt email using email encryption tools

How to Encrypt Email: Best Email Encryption Tools

Privacy issues off late have raised some eyebrows. While most of us don't take privacy seriously, we should, considering there's constant news of password leaks,...