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alto's odyssey, epic game store

Alto’s Odyssey, Other Indie Games will Soon be Available on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games have announced nine indie games that are making their way to the Epic Games Store including popular mobile games Alto's Adventure and...

16 Cool Games Like ROBLOX You Can Play

When one thinks about a game’s long term prospects, it’s important to note that gamers remain interested because of the freedom, tools, and the...
Best PC Games of 2018

30 Best PC Games of 2018 You Should Play

2018 has been a great year for PC gamers, with a number of epic launches and reveals that are sure to delight each and...
15 Best Strategy Games for PC in 2017

15 Best Strategy Games for PC You Must Play

Strategy games is one category of games that almost everyone enjoys playing. Firstly, they are a lot of fun to play and it's one...