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PayPal Announces Cryptocurrency Service With Support For Bitcoin, Ethereum and More

PayPal has become the latest traditional online payments platform to have embraced cryptocurrencies. The company, on Wednesday, announced a new service that will enable...

Paypal Apologizes After Threatening Dead Woman With ‘Breach of Contract’ for Dying

PayPal has issued an apology to the husband of a recently-deceased woman after sending her a letter, threatening her with breach of contract 'for...

PayPal Plans to Bring Shopping Experience to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

PayPal has been on an expansion marathon lately, launching its payment service in India and adding support for the online payment service in Samsung...
PayPal Finally Launched India Operations- Its Features And Charges

PayPal Finally Launches India Operations: Its Charges and Features

PayPal was the first company which broke the stronghold of banks when it came to making online purchases and transferring money. It's because of...
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PayPal Alternative: Top 10 Services To Make Online Payments

PayPal has become synonymous with online payments and this widely popular platform lets users make monetary transactions, completely doing away with the need for...
paypal alternative services

Top 10 PayPal Alternatives To Pay And Get Paid

Nowadays, no internet user needs an introduction to PayPal – a widely popular eCommerce platform that helps us to send, receive and pay money...