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Mixer shutting down on 22nd July

Microsoft is Shutting Down Mixer on 22nd July

While everyone was engrossed in watching Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote speech last night, Microsoft shared a piece of unfortunate news with us. Sadly, Microsoft's...

Mixer’s Education Hub Can Be Your Teacher During Quarantine

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, most of the educational institutions have been shut down and students are under quarantine at their homes. Learning...
Twitch vs Mixer Which Platfrom is Best For New Streamers

Twitch vs Mixer: Which Platform is Best for New Streamers

Mixer is rapidly gaining ground after Ninja left Twitch and moved to Mixer. While Twitch is a huge live streaming platform with 80% share...

Ninja’s Move to Mixer Resulted in 500k Subscribers, Increase in App Downloads

Popular streamer who rose to fame with his Fortnite streams, and his plays with celebrities like Drake, Ninja last week announced that he was...