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NASA UWMS toilet feat.

The International Space Station is Getting a “Toilet Upgrade” From NASA

For years astronauts living on the US side of the International Space Station (ISS) have been using an outdated toilet in the spacecraft. The...

Non-Operational Chinese Space Station is Falling to the Earth, and Nobody Knows Where it...

"Made in China" has somewhat of a bad reputation the west. And that reputation is haunting astrophysicists and general space enthusiasts because a dysfunctional...

Part of an Astronaut’s Job – Making Food From Human Poo

Poop is not invited to the dinner table but NASA could be using it fill astronaut's plates. Grossed out? You shouldn't be because scientists...
Astronauts Identify Bacteria on International Space Station

ISS Astronauts Have Identified Unknown Microbes in Space for the First Time

As we usher in a new space age, studying how organisms react in space and understanding them within the constraints of a space station...