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how do different music streaming services compare in India - featured

Which Is the Best Music Streaming Service in India?

Right on the heels of Spotify's much-awaited arrival in India, YouTube Music also stepped into the scene to complete the assortment of music streaming...
spotify new redesigned mobile app announced

Spotify To Reportedly Launch in India in Six Months With Extended Free Trial

Spotify’s India launch has been rumored since earlier this year, when the company went public, and now Variety reports that the world's premier music...
google home music featured

Putting Google Home to the Test: How to Get the Best Music Experience in...

So you have decided to buy a Google Home after all, and are excited about what you can do with it. With Google Home...

Music Streaming Service Gaana Gets $115 Million Investment, Led by Tencent

It seems that Tencent is not slowing down when it comes to its investment in India as the Chinese Tech giant has just put...