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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jack Ma, Co-Founder of Alibaba

Alibaba started as a B2B online portal in 1999 and now, It is one of the largest internet based company in the world. Post Alibaba's IPO...
interesting, weird facts about iphones (1)

5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About iPhone

Apple's iPhone is certainly the world's most popular range of smartphones and no other smartphone has been able to compete with iPhone in terms of...
TruthFacts 15 Hilariously True Facts of Daily Life (Pics)

TruthFacts: 15 Hilariously True Facts of Daily Life (Pics)

TruthFacts is a series of hilarious but true flowcharts created by a popular comic blog, Kind Of Normal. These funny flowcharts are based on our...
Just A Minute Of Internet (2013)

Just A Minute of Internet (2013)

You know 60 seconds make up a minute but do you know that while walking normally, you take 60 seconds or a minute to...
6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Twitter (2013)

6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Twitter

So you think you know everything about Twitter? I doubt and so does the results of the research conducted by Edison Research in which...

Today I Learned, 4 Most Interesting Facts About Twitter Usage

Twitter is growing at a tremendous pace with 500 million active users, 340 million tweets served daily and over 1.6 billion search queries answered every...