TruthFacts: 15 Hilariously True Facts of Daily Life (Pics)

TruthFacts is a series of hilarious but true flowcharts created by a popular comic blog, Kind Of Normal. These funny flowcharts are based on our daily life habits and situations we come across every now and then.

I have curated some of these here, enjoy.

1. Contents of a Tube of Toothpaste

Truth Fact 29

2. Wasting Time in 1975 Vs Wasting Time in 2014

Truth Fact 17

3. How To Utilize Hashtags on Facebook

Truth Fact 18

4. Things That Melt

Truth Fact 21

5. How Long a Human Can Live Without Internet

Truth Fact 16

6. Battery Life of Your Laptop Vs. Distance from Charging Point

Truth Fact 30

7. Different types of Pedestrian

Truth Fact 14

8. How You Feel About Your Own Age

Truth Fact 23

9. Evolution of Digital Media

Truth Fact 31

10. Push Vs. Pull (World’s Biggest Confusion)

Truth Fact 8

11. Your Knowledge of Traffic Laws Before and After Driving Test

Truth Fact 11

12. What Helicopters Do In Movies

Truth Fact 27

13. When Do You Discover Typos in an Email

Truth Fact 28

14. A Relationship Guide For Men

Truth Fact 20

15. Finally, The Biggest Lies on the Internet

Truth Fact 10

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Courtesy: kindofnormal

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