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EU Mulling Strict Norms to Standardize Smartphone Chargers to Reduce e-Waste

The European Union is now planning to crack the whip after tech companies have failed to introduce common mobile phone chargers to cut down...

Controversial Content Copyright Reforms Rejected by European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted against a highly controversial copyright reform proposal, which could have changed the concept of a free and open internet, and...

Qualcomm Will Pay $800 Million Anti-Trust Fine in Taiwan in Installments

A legal battle with long-time ally Apple, an anti-trust probe by the European Union, and a multi-million fine in Taiwan for curbing competition by...
Facebook to Launch a Global Privacy Control Center for Users Worldwide

Facebook to Launch a Privacy Control Center for Users Worldwide

Facebook has not had a very good history of prioritizing user privacy, but it is now being pushed to hand over the control of...