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Google Maps Now Shows You Auto Stands Location in Delhi

The Delhi government has taken a major step to make it easier for commuters to spot autorickshaw stands. The locations of 511 new autorickshaw...
Delhi Govt. to Track Autos, Cabs Using QR Code and GPS

Delhi to Mandate QR Codes, GPS in Cabs and Autos to Increase Security

Intra-city journeys in the Delhi are tedious and can often become untimely. And despite ceaseless motion of the traffic in the national capital, safety...

Visualize Delhi in 10 Beautifully Designed Minimalist Posters

If you are a Delhi resident or have visited the place at-least once in your lifetime, you can related to these amazingly beautiful minimalist...
Dilli ka kalender

Dilli Ka Kalendar: A Calender Featuring Various Characters From Delhi

I am almost 6 months late in bringing this special calender which is exclusively for the people of Delhi but it doesn't really matter...