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India 3rd-Biggest Victim of ‘Significant’ Cyber Attacks: Report

The frequency and severity of cyber attacks seem to be increasing at an alarming rate with every passing year. In fact, according to Cybersecurity...
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‘Government-Backed’ Hackers Targeted Dozens of Indians: Google

Google says it sent out 1,755 warnings last month to notify users who were targeted by 'government-backed attackers'. In an official blog post this...
Law firm hack feat.

Hackers Acquired 756GB of Sensitive Data from Celebrity Law Firm

The Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks is one of the most prestigious law firms in the industry with A-list clients like Robert de Niro,...
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Security Firm Details How Hackers Stole $1.3 Million from UK Firms

In the previous days, heist meant breaking into some bank or office to steal all the cash. However, in the era of computers and...

Apple iPhones Vulnerable to Hacking Via 8-Year-Old Bug in iOS ‘Mail’ App

Cyber-security researchers at ZecOps have discovered a critical bug in the default Mail application in iOS dating as far back as Jan 2018. The...

WhatsApp Sues Israeli Firm for Alleged Cyber-Attacks Targeting Journalists

WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against Israeli cyber-surveillance company, NSO Group, for allegedly carrying out a series of cyber-attacks that infected devices with malicious...
SWIFT System Used to Initiate Cyber Attacks on India’s City Union Bank

SWIFT System Exploited for City Union Bank Cyber-Attack in India

India's City Union Bank has admitted to having suffered hacking attacks from international cyber criminals who have siphoned away almost $2 million using three unauthorized...