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Chrome and Edge Will Soon Fix Drag and Drop Behavior

Have you ever tried dragging and dropping a file to an upload window and witnessed the file just snapping the current tab out of...
How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android

Chromium for Android May Soon Integrate Kiwi Browser’s Extensions Support

Kiwi Browser and Yandex Browser are the two web browsers that currently lets you install Chrome extensions on Android. While Brave browser is working...
Microsoft Surface Duo camera feat.

Microsoft Adds Dual-Screen Emulation to Chromium Ahead of Surface Duo Launch

With dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo expected to be launched this year, Microsoft is trying to ensure that developers can add support for...

Google Chrome May Soon be Less of a Battery Hog

Intel is reportedly working with Google to reduce the power consumption of Chromium-based browsers on Intel-powered computers. According to a comment from an Intel...

Microsoft Adds Windows Spellchecker to Chromium Codebase

Microsoft has added the native Windows spell-checking tool to the Chromium codebase as part of its efforts to offer Chrome and Edge users multiple...

Revamped Microsoft Edge Will Feel a Lot Like Google Chrome

Another chapter of Google leading the tech space and Microsoft following its footsteps to stay relevant is likely to begin. Microsoft Edge browser, which...

Recent Commits in Chromium Gerrit Indicate Minor Changes in Material Design 2.0

Almost four years after the term 'Material Design' entered our lexicon in 2014, folks over at XDA say they have discovered new commits on...