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MIT-Shadow-Sensing on Autonomous car

This System Developed by MIT Could Help Autonomous Cars Sense Corners

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new system that would help autonomous vehicles detect if there are moving objects around...
Forget Tesla, This Indian Company is A Making Self-Driven Tractor

India’s First Self-Driving Tractor Coming Soon; Made by Escorts, Powered by Microsoft and Jio

Internet of Things (IoT) and AI-powered technology has enabled many new innovations, and improved productivity in almost every industry. Add farming to that list, at...
Apple Autonomous Car website

Apple Now Has 55 Autonomous Vehicles in California

Self-driving cars have been getting a bad rap of late, getting involved in various mishaps, some of which have also resulted in fatalities. However,...

Uber Stopped From Testing Self-Driving Cars in Arizona Following Fatal Crash

Following the fatal crash in Tempe last week, Uber has been suspended from testing its autonomous vehicles in Arizona by the state's Republican Governor,...
Waymo uber alphabet

Waymo Racks Up 5 Million Miles; Shows Off Self-Driving Skills in 360 Degree Video

Fresh from winning a $245 million settlement against Uber in one of the most remarkable corporate espionage cases in recent memory, Alphabet's autonomous vehicles...