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Nike, Adidas Offering Premium Workout Apps for Free During Coronavirus Lockdown

With millions of people around the world stuck inside their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, sports goods manufacturers, Nike and Adidas, have started...

Adidas Shutting Down its Robot Speedfactories in the US and Germany

Adidas announced earlier this week that it has decided to wind up production on its "Speedfactories" situated in Germany and the United States and...
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Adidas Headphones Launched, Starts at $149

It looks like every other lifestyle brand wants to enter the electronic gadget business. Last month, we saw Playboy unveil a pair of headphones...

Adidas Confirms Security Breach That Affects Millions of Customers

Sports goods manufacturer Adidas has revealed a data breach on its US website. According to the official press release, the company first became aware...