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Big Star Labs Spyware Apps, Extensions Haunt Over 11M Android, iOS and Chrome Users

Ad-blocking software maker AdGuard says it has discovered "multiple browser extensions and mobile apps invisibly collecting users' browsing history". Alarmingly, more than 11 million...
Google Expands Tools To Help Publishers Fight Ad Blockers to 31 More Countries

AdGuard Claims Over 20 Million Chrome Users Have Fake Ad Blockers Installed

Following up on recent reports about 37,000 Chrome users being tricked into installing a malicious copycat of Wladimir Palant's popular ad-blocking extension, Adblock Plus,...

Is #DeleteFacebook Enough? Here’s the Harsh Truth About Facebook Tracking Through Apps

The #DeleteFacebook movement is still in full swing a week after revelations about the Cambridge Analytica data heist. The question on many people's mind though...