This Super Cool Tech Backpack is Straight From the Future

Keeback feat.

We have seen a lot of backpacks to carry essentials like our laptop, power banks and other electronic gadgets. Some prioritise affordability while some prioritise space and some just want to show-off. However, we have never seen a more futuristic backpack than the Keeback.

Designed by freelance designer, Steel Drake, the Keeback is one unique backpack that takes the term “futurism” to a whole new level. The display on the outer shell, bass speakers at the bottom, charging ports and the one-of-a-kind design just scream “I am from the future!”.

Now, the Keeback is essentially a tech backpack first and travel backpack later. When you get a glance of the backpack, the first thing that strikes is the unique design it carries. It is made up of over 200 parts that include plastic parts, electronic parts and parts of fabric.

The bulging outer-shell of the bag holds the customised flexible RGB display that comes with 1044 pixels. This can be used to display animations, texts, visual music equalisers and even personalised messages. You can change the animations or texts anytime with the press of a button located at the bottom of the backpack.

Now, one of the features that will boost your experience (literally) is the inclusion of the bass speakers at the bottom. These bass-heavy 10W speakers are “super light” and deliver sounds rich in bass.

keeback speakers

Coming to the ports for charging, there are four — 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside. Now, if you’re thinking how much can a backpack that needs the power for its own display and speakers charge your devices? Well, the Keeback comes with a massive 13600 mAh for the power-hungry devices to quench their thirst.

The security feature of the backpack includes a GPS system that can detect when the Keeback is away from your smartphone and will send an alert on your smartphone to come and pick it up.

Now, the size of this backpack (~8 litres) is not suitable for long travel or your next cross country journey. The Keeback is suitable for carrying small gadgets and a 13-inch laptop. It is more like an on-the-go tech backpack rather than a “stuff-it-all-inside” travel backpack.

The Keeback is currently not available to buy, however, it is coming on Indiegogo soon. You can check out the backpack on its official website and sign up on Indiegogo for pre-orders here.

VIA Mashable
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