Sony Launches New “Ready for PlayStation 5” TVs

sony ready for ps5 tv launched

While we are all waiting for Sony to launch the upcoming PlayStation 5, the company has launched new TVs. Not just regular TVs by the way, the company is launching new ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TVs that come with features specifically tailored for gaming on a PS5. You know, when it comes out.

The TVs launched today are the X900H 4K HDR TV and the Z8H 8K HDR TV. Both of these models offer features that Sony hopes will make your experience playing PlayStation 5 games more enjoyable.

The X900H 4K TV can display 4K games (duh) at up to 120FPS. Along with that, Sony claims that the TVs come with a low-latency of around 7ms. On the other hand, the Z8H 8K TV can output 8K resolution images, and support games running at up to 120FPS on 4K resolution.

All the ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TVs Sony is launching come with the BRAVIA Game Mode functionality as well. When enabled, the feature reduces the input latency while gaming. That should prove handy, especially if you’re going to be playing FPS games online. Interestingly enough, you will even be able to control your PlayStation 5 using the TV’s remote, which should make it easier to scroll through the PS UI. What excites me more, however, is that with these TVs, your DualSense controller can turn on both the PlayStation 5 and the TV.

The X900H is priced at $999.99, while the Z8H is priced starting at a whopping $5,999.99.

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  • SSPdude says:

    The turning TV ON alongwith your console works with PS4s as well. On all TVs that support HDMI device link.

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