What Does the Peace Sign Mean on Snapchat?

In Short
  • The peace emoji appears next to the Snapchat groups you interact with the most.
  • To get it, you need to actively participate and engage with the group members.
  • If the peace symbol appears on a Snapchat group, it will be automatically shifted to the top of the Chat screen.

Snapchat has a way of communicating with emojis throughout the layout of its app. It shows a heart emoji for Best Friends, a fire emoji for ongoing Snapstreaks, and the hourglass emoji for ending Snapstreaks. Among them, there is another contender that has people confused about its meaning and it’s the peace sign emoji. So if this emoji has left you scratching your head then keep reading as we explain its meaning in the app.

The Meaning of Peace Sign on Snapchat

The peace sign will appear on the right side of the group name inside Snapchat’s Chat screen. If you see a peace sign appear for any of your groups, then it means that it is your most engaged or top Snapchat group. Essentially, the peace symbol helps to mark your favorite groups on the app. The peace sign will behave similarly to the heart emoji that appears when you regularly talk to someone on the app.

Peace Sign appears on the right side of a Snapchat group on the Chat screen

The best part is that a Snapchat group with the peace sign automatically shifts to the top of the chat list on the app, just below your pinned Best Friends. This makes it easy for you to find and access the said group.

How to Get the Peace Sign on a Snapchat Group

You will need to actively participate in a group to get the peace emoji. However, it is not clear how or what Snapchat counts as participation. But we have some suggestions that you can try to get the sign for one of your groups. Check them out below.

  • Actively engage in conversations within the group.
  • Send Snaps, photos, GIFs, and stickers whenever possible.
  • Add your best friends to a group on the app with whom you regularly talk to.
  • Keep the conversation light-hearted and engaging.
  • You can also randomly share Snapchat stories or funny or interesting clips.

Keep this up and you should get a peace emoji in no time for your group. However, there is no exact time as to when this sign will appear for the group. You’ll just have to wait and watch.

Even though it can be confusing at times, I am starting to warm up to the way Snapchat uses emojis to indicate different things across its app. The app is targeted towards a generation that uses these simple little icons to express several emotions. So it makes enough sense to use them for certain features as well. As far as the peace symbol goes, it shows how good of a bond you share with the other group members.

Do you have a peace sign for any of your Snapchat groups? If so, then how many and did this article help you learn the meaning of the sign? Let us know in the comments down below.

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