Shogun Renewed for Seasons 2 and 3 by FX; Hiroyuki Sanada Returns

Shogun season 2
Image Courtesy: Shogun by FX (IMDb)
In Short
  • A few days ago, there was a leak about the possibility of a season 2 renewal as Hiroyuki Sanada and FX were able to reach an agreement.
  • Now the situation has turned around completely as the Hollywood Reporter reported that the production team is developing season 3 in addition to season 2.
  • Additionally, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michaela Clavell, Rachel Kondo, and Justin Marks, the creative team members from the first season are all returning to work on seasons two and three.

There was a glimmer of optimism for Shogun season 2, with the cast and crew emphasizing that they had adapted everything left as a single season. Shogun is the most watched show on FX ever, so they knew it could not stay a limited series. Now that FX has officially announced a multi-season renewal for the show, this situation has undergone a major transformation. To find out more about Shogun’s season 2 and more, keep reading.

A leak regarding the likelihood of season 2 renewal with Sanada striking a deal with FX came in a few days ago. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter essentially confirmed that the team is working on not just season 2 but also season 3 as well. Moreover, it is also stated that the outcome of a two-season renewal will depend on the quality of the creative input. The fans were taken aback by this, as we were just expecting a second season, and now we get to enjoy yet another one.

Furthermore, THR also confirmed that all the creative heads for the debut season, such as Hiroyuki Sanada, Michaela Clavell, Rachel Kondo, and Justin Marks, are all coming back to develop seasons 2 and 3. Therefore, we don’t have to worry, as the future of Shogun is in the promising hands of the OG showrunners.

Although more than half of the fanbase is extremely happy about the seasons 2 and 3 renewals of Shogun, a part of the fanbase isn’t happy with it either. This is because they believe the ending of the first season to be perfect and in line with the book’s ending.

However, let us wait and see how the creatives are going to pull off by extending the series beyond the source material. That said, what do you think about this move by FX? Let us know in the comments below.

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