ServiceScape Find Your Perfect Freelancer to Get Things Done

ServiceScape: Find Your Perfect Freelancer to Get Things Done

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I personally believe that we are living in an age where remote employment is becoming the norm especially when it comes to the creative services industry. Today’s generation prefers working on their own terms and thankfully there are a lot of online services which allow them to do so. It’s also beneficial from a client’s perspective as they get to choose from a global pool of talent rather than depending on the talent in their locality. This helps them in keeping the prices down while getting quality work done on time.

That said, freelancing has become very difficult as the industry is seeing cut-throat competition among professionals. Most of the freelancing websites offer bidding functionalities which result in an all-out bidding war. That makes it really difficult to find the right talent at the right prices. That’s why it was so refreshing to find ServiceScape which removes the biggest problem of the freelancing world while keeping both the clients and the professionals happy at the same time. Today, we are going to look at ServiceScape and tell you why it might be a better alternative for all the freelancers and clients out there:

Key Features

Every website which provides freelancing services has to strike a balance between the clients and professionals. If the website fails to do so, it will never succeed in the long run. In my short time that I spent on ServiceScape, I feel like it’s one of the few websites which has got the balance exactly right. To support my statement, I would like to list down ServiceScape’s key features which make it stand out from the crowd:

  • ServiceScape Focuses on Limited Services

What I instantly loved about ServiceScape when I visited its website was that the folks there understand the value of quality. While other freelancing websites focus on every possible professional service ever created, ServiceScape offer only four core service professionals; Editors, Translators, Graphic Designers, and Writers. This allows them to maintain the quality of professionals which otherwise would not have been possible.

  • Verified Professionals

ServiceScape also prides itself on offering services only from verified professionals. That means, any professional you find ServiceScape has been verified by their team. Whenever a professional creates an account on ServiceScape, he/she needs to enter his credentials along with contact information which can be used to verify those credentials. A professional’s account is only approved when his/her credentials have been verified.

veifired credentials

  • Detailed Professional Profile

I also love the fact that ServiceScape allows professionals to create their own detailed profiles. It’s just like visiting someone’s LinkedIn profile where you can learn about their work, education and all the other qualities. In addition, you can also check a professional’s pricing, availability, ratings, number of successful projects, and more. Basically, the profile is enough to help you make an educated decision while hiring someone. Conversely, the profile also allows professionals to showcase their strengths and set their pricing which they deem fit.

client profile one

  • No Bidding War

By far my favorite feature of ServiceScape is that there is no bidding war. This eradicates the only problem that I have with the online freelancing community. The bidding feature just takes the fun out of freelancing for both professionals and clients. Hiring freelancers is supposed to save you time and money while getting quality work, and bidding hampers every aspect of it.

no bidding war

With ServiceScape, you have no such problem. You just search for the service you are looking for and the website will show you all the professionals available for that service. Then you, visit their profiles and choose the one which meets your quality and pricing criteria. It’s also beneficial for professionals as the only thing they need to do is maintain a good profile and deliver work on time so that their ratings improve.

User Interface

ServiceScape offers a very minimalistic and elegant interface for both professionals and clients. When a client signs up for the service he gets a home dashboard where he/she can see an overview of his profile including the projects created, messages received, connected professionals, and more. There’s a button at the top which allows clients to browse for professionals. A client can browse the professionals by four core services, viz. writing, translation, editing, and graphic designing.

dashboard client

Of course, these four core services have their own sub-services which a client can choose to find exactly what he is looking for. Once he finds the right service, he can check out the profiles of professionals and hire the one who meets his criteria.

searching for serivce

Similarly, professionals get their own dashboard where they can see and update their information. Each professional can create a profile where he/she has the freedom to include as much information as he/she likes. Here professionals can also determine their prices and create multiple projects and price category for their services. All in all, the user interface is very easy to get around and makes it easier for both professionals and clients to get things done.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, the website is very user-friendly for both clients and professionals. The UI is very clean which makes it easier to navigate and find things one is looking for. I especially love the professional profile page which is a great way to showcase once work and establish credibility. Clients also don’t have to look through a profile of hundreds of professionals as there is no bidding involved. They can check out the profiles of a select few professionals and select the one which meets their needs.

Pricing and Availability

Both the professionals and clients can create an account for free. That said, a professional’s credentials is verified before their account can go live. Anyone who wants to create an account can visit ServiceScape website and sign up there.

When it comes to pricing, professionals are free to charge any amount for their services. However, ServiceScape charges 50% commission percentage on every project, so essentially they are getting half of what they have priced their services at. A client needs to pay the full amount at which a professional has been hired at.


  • ServiceScape maintains quality by Focusing on limited services
  • All the professionals have verified credentials
  • No bidding involved
  • Detailed professional profiles


  • Nothing, really.

Get Things Done With ServiceScape

If you are looking for an online freelancing service provider which removes the pain of hiring a freelance professional while providing verified professionals, ServiceScape is the one to visit. Professionals also have a higher chance of receiving quality work as they don’t have to bid against hundreds of unverified freelancers. ServiceScape has created a freelancing environment which is healthy for both clients and professionals.

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