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Running a website isn’t easy, ask us. It takes a lot of work, and a ton of planning. But most importantly, it’s SEO that will make or break your website. As such, it’s important that you keep track of your website’s SEO performance, and that’s where Seobase comes in. Seobase can help you keep a track of your website’s keyword performance and get daily updates about your rankings, etc. So let me tell you about Seobase in detail.

What is Seobase and What Does it Do?

Before we dive into the deep end of the pool, let’s take a quick look at what Seobase actually is and what it brings to the table for your website.

Simply put, Seobase is a web-based tracking system for your website. It keeps a track of your targeted keywords, and offers daily, weekly, and monthly reports for your website’s performance and rankings for keywords you’re targeting.

Seobase Dashboard

The Seobase dashboard is the main location for you to get a basic overview of your tracked websites. This is also where you can take a deeper dive into the performance metrics for your websites. Seobase can show you the keywords you’re tracking for your website along with the average search volume for those keywords. It also shows you the average and best ranking that your website has placed on for each of these keywords.

seobase dashboard

This is also where you will find things like the Visibility Index for your website which shows how visible your keywords are in search result. You also get other information such as the estimated traffic your website is getting from tracked keywords, keyword position flow as well as keyword position distribution – all thigs that are helpful to get an idea of your website’s performance in search results.

Seobase Features

Rank Tracking

Seobase gathers information from search engines to give you an idea of how your websites are performing on search engine results. You get a handy overview of your website’s performance, plus you can check traffic from mobile searches as well as desktop searches to get a more complete picture of your website’s performance.

Seobase also lets you select timeframes that you want to see ranking information for, so you can check how your website has performed at different times over the years.

Keyword Management

Tracking keywords is another important aspect of managing a website, and Seobase brings robust keyword management features to your fingertips. You can add all your targeted keywords into Seobase and even tag them for easier management. Plus, Seobase automatically removes any duplicate keywords you may have added by mistake.

seobase keyword management

You also get information about ranking URLs which makes it easier to figure out which URLs on your website are ranking for a particular keyword, their position in search engine results, and the average page visits you’re getting from those URLs.

Tag Management

Seobase also offers tags that you can attach to keywords you’re tracking. This makes it easier to manage keywords in your account, especially if you’re tracking a lot of keywords for your website.

User Management

Depending on the subscription you opt for, you will get single or multi-user support within Seobase. If you have a team of users handling SEO for your website, you can easily give them access to your Seobase account.

Seobase also supports user-roles that can be assigned to individual users based on their role in your team. This can help ensure that users have appropriate permissions within Seobase.

Easy Reports

Lastly, to make it easier for you to keep a track of your website and stay updated about your website’s performance, Seobase also offers easy reports that you can share with your clients or team members. You also get automatic reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis if you choose to enable them.

Plans and Pricing

Clearly, Seobase is an important tool to have in your SEO toolkit for your website. So what’s the pricing for Seobase and what subscription tiers are available?

Seobase offers four tiers of subscriptions.

  • Free: this plan gives you 1 tracked website, 3 keywords, and a single user access.
  • Basic: priced at $7 per month, basic subscription gets you 5 tracked websites, 50 keywords, 2 users, and access to reports.
  • Premium: priced at $27 per month, with the Premium tier you get 50 tracked websites, 500 keywords, 5 users, access to reports, and premium support.
  • Professional: priced at $97 per month, this subscription tier brings support for 300 tracked websites, 3000 keywords, 30 users, access to reports, and premium support.

Use Seobase to Up Your SEO Game

Seobase is a handy tool to have for ensuring your website reaches its full potential online. The service brings support for tracking your website’s performance in search results, keeping a track of keywords and finding which URLs from your website are ranking (and at which position) for each keyword. You also get the ability to use tags for keyword management, as well as support for multiple users and more. So, if you’ve been looking for an SEO management service, you should definitely give Seobase a try.

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