Smartphones That Heal Themselves? Seems like a Possibility!

self healing phones

Have you ever thought about a smartphone having healing capabilities so that you won’t have to be scared if you mistakenly drop it? As far-fetched as it may sound, this could be on the cards if we go by predictions set by CCS Insights. Sounds pretty futuristic yet interesting? Let’s dive into what this is all about.

Self-Healing Phones Could Arrive in the Future!

CCS Insights recently released its technology predictions for 2024 and amongst the various things the firm expects, there’s something truly amusing; a smartphone screen’s ability to self-heal. So, if a smartphone display gets minor scratches and dents, it will get magically repaired on its own!

It is suggested that future displays of smartphones will be made from a special material, which will form a new layer when in contact with air. This will help mend the scratches and dents on its own without the need for you to go to a repair shop.

Bear in mind, this won’t be for major screen damages and if that happens, you will still need to make a visit to the repair store to get things fixed or replaced. This technology is expected to reach smartphones and other consumer electronics by 2028.

This isn’t the first we have heard about the concept, though. Brands like LG, Motorola, and Apple have thought of creating phones with self-healing powers. In fact, LG’s G Flex (released in 2013) came with a self-healing coating at the back panel but guess we all know this concept wasn’t well-received.

LG G Flex

Not much is known about how OEMS will try to adopt this in a way that this takes off well and since this is a mere prediction, one can’t be sure if this will ever see the light of the day. That said, it should be interesting to see something like this coming with our smartphones in a few years!

As for other plausible predictions, CCS Insights expects an Unfiltered section for Instagram, the possibility of a ‘cold shower‘ treatment for Generative AI, more second-hand iPhones by the end of 2023, and so much more. You can take a look at the details right here.

We shall see what really happens to the self-healing display concept and we will let you know. Until then, let’s keep our phones safe from any drops! Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this mind-boggling prediction in the comments below!

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