The One Piece Manga Will Go on Two Breaks in May

In Short
  • The One Piece manga will officially have two breaks in the month of May.
  • No new chapter will be released this week due to the Golden Week holiday in Japan. Hence, chapter 1114 will be released on May 12, 2024.
  • After chapter 1114's release, there will be another break in the following week, which is Oda's customary break. This means One Piece chapter 1115 will release on May 26, 2024.

The Egghead arc’s climax is soaring high with the Five Elders arriving on the futuristic island to stop Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast. However, we have been met with major hurdles recently, including Oda’s three-week break. I know, these hiatuses are meant for the creator to recuperate and maintain their health, but they are nightmarish for fans. Unfortunately, it has been announced that the One Piece manga will see multiple breaks in May 2024.

It’s the Golden Week holiday period in Japan and One Piece chapter 1114’s release coincides with this official holiday of WSJ (Weekly Shonen Jump) in Japan. Hence, there will be no new chapter this week and chapter 1114 will officially release on May 12, 2024.

To top this off, there will be another break after chapter 1114, which is Oda’s usual break. So, that means One Piece Chapter 1115 will arrive on May 26, 2024, officially after the break.

This is the confirmed release schedule of the One Piece manga for the month of May. Unfortunately, the Golden Week holiday comes right after the excruciating three-week break for the manga. On the bright side, though, we are finally close to learning about Dr. Vegapunk’s message and seeing Luffy’s crew safely escape from Egghead Island arc. That said, drop your predictions for chapter 1114 in the comments below.

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