Samsung Reportedly Dropping Plans To Substitute Google Search With Bing

Samsung will not ditch Google search anytime soon

About a month ago, Samsung reportedly thought of doing the unthinkable; replacing Google Search with Bing Search. It was suggested that Samsung was negotiating with Microsoft to make Bing Search the default search engine on its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. However, in a complete turnaround, it seems like this won’t happen after all.

Google Can Breathe Easy; At least For Now!

As per a Wall Street Journal report, Samsung has ditched its plan to replace Google Search with Bing Search. This decision looks like is here to stay and not going to flip anytime soon. Earlier, the reason for the decision to switch was reportedly Microsoft’s Bing AI. Back then, the race for AI supremacy was still warm and Samsung did not want lag. Even when Google announced its Bard AI, it wasn’t refined enough to show any immediate promise.

There’s no word on why the sudden change of heart but it could be due to Google’s recent showcasing of its powerful AI game at the recently held Google I/O 2023 event. Maybe the realization led to the cancellation of the agreement or maybe the deal wasn’t lucrative enough for Microsoft.

On the other hand, part of the reasoning can also be traced back to something known as the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA). MADA was introduced by Google to establish strategic partnerships with OEMs to practically force them to use Google Search as their default search engine. Although MADA is not that well documented, it does give Google the power to intervene. There’s also the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Agreement that makes partnered OEMs keep Google services at the forefront. And this could be why Samsung doesn’t want to hinder its relationship with Google.s

Well whatever may be the reason, Google might not be replaced after all. We must not forget Google earns the majority of its revenue from its search engine business. It is suggested that the search giant earned an estimated $3 billion for the financial year 2022-23 from Samsung alone.

Since we do not have any official statement or comment from Samsung, it is best to take this development with a grain of salt. So what do you think will happen finally? Do you expect to see a future Samsung phone with Bing Search? Comment down your thoughts below.

SOURCE The Wall Street Journal
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