A year after debuting ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TVs for commercial establishments, Samsung earlier this year unveiled new models meant for retail consumers. The lineup is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a relatively-modest 73-inches in 2K definition to a massive 292-inches (about 24 feet) in glorious 8K. While all of these devices have been on sale globally for some time, the company has finally brought some of them to India, but at astronomical prices.

The lineup being launched in India include a 146-inch 4K model, a 219-inch 6K variant and a 292-inch 8K version. The pricing ranges from Rs. 3.5 crore for the smallest model to Rs. 12 crore (excluding taxes) for the biggest variant. They are available for purchase exclusively at the Samsung Executive Briefing Center in Gurgaon.

Despite their massive size, the TVs have a depth less than 30mm and, come with customizable décor frames that the company says allows the display to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. The Wall TVs are said to offer AI upscaling, a 120Hz refresh rate and Quantum HDR technology for a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. Samsung also claims a 100,000-hour lifespan for the panels.

Having originally unveiled its massive 146-inch luxury MicroLED TVs called ‘The Wall’ at the CES trade show in 2018, Samsung this year added several new models, including at least a couple that are even larger than the 2018 version, measuring 219-inches and 292-inches, respectively. While it is largely a brand-building exercise for Samsung to launch these exorbitantly-priced devices in India, it will still be interesting to see how many people will actually splurge on them.