Samsung’s Project Neon Aims to Bring AI-Humans into the Real World

Samsung unveils products based on Project neon

Samsung, after creating a lot of hype, finally unveiled “Project Neon” last year at CES. This year, the company took a step further and brought its Artificial Humans, known as NEONs, into the real world in the form of three commercial products.

Now, if you are unaware of Project Neon, it is something Samsung developed to bring AI-based human-like assistants to help humans in the real world. It is similar to Tony Stark’s trusted computer system, JARVIS, that interacts with a person like any other person, and not as a digital assistant. So, the NEONs are basically human-like avatars that are powered by complex machine learning and AI algorithms.

So, Samsung developed this system and is now aiming to sell three new products based on the said platform. They are namely the Neon View, Neon Frame, and Neon Studio. These will be part of the company’s Neon WorkForce and Neon Content Creation services.

The Neon View

Now, the Neon View is essentially an app designed for smartphones and other portable devices. It will be more like a smarter digital assistant with which you can chat over text or video call anytime and anywhere to have a face-to-face conversation. The NEON will interact with you in real-time and answer your queries in a dynamic and more intelligent way, much like Microsoft’s Xiaoice chatbot, thanks to Samsung’s Core R3 a.k.a “Reality. Realtime. Responsive” technology.

The Neon Frame

Coming to the Neon Frame, this is an actual, physical device that comes as a huge 4K display based on the Neon platform. Samsung describes it as its “life-size immersional portal that brings NEON into the real world” as it is designed to help users interact with a Neon avatar in a way that they would in the real world.

Moreover, other than the stunning Samsung-grade display, the Neon Frame also packs a lot of other technologies like high-fidelity audio, security and encryption, and various other sensors for contactless payments, and biometric scanning. So, expect these to be in future banks and airports, as contactless customer service kiosks, instead of a real human being.

The Neon Studio

Now, the third product, the Neon Studio is more like a digital software made for businesses and content creators to create content without any external help. A user can feed any kind of script to make an artificial human, in this case, a NEON, narrate them with the right emotions, expressions, and timing.

Moreover, users will be able to apply “moods” or “behaviors” based on their script, fine-tune details like speaking style, speed, and voice tones, and publish them or broadcast them live on a platform.

So, these were the three new products based on Project Neon which Samsung recently unveiled. As per Samsung, this is only the beginning of artificial humans and it will bring more such services based on Neon to the market soon, putting the customer service sector in a risky position.

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