Samsung’s Latest Patent Shows a Smartphone with Stretchable Display

samsung patent stretchable display featured

While we’ve been busy reporting on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 which is now rumoured to be launching before the Galaxy S11 series in February 2020, Samsung it seems has been filing patent after patent for foldable, flexible, and stretchable displays.

A new patent, spotted by Patently Mobile, shows one of Samsung’s ideas about a possible future smartphone. According to drawings seen in the patent filing, Samsung is thinking about a smartphone with a stretchable display with a closed state where the phone will have a regular sized screen, and an open state where the display stretches out to give a wider view for consuming multimedia content like movies and games.

Image courtesy: Patently Mobile

To be precise, the patent doesn’t really seem to be about a ‘stretchable’ display as much as it seems to be a flexible-rollable display. Users will apparently be able to roll-out the display to make the effective viewing area of the phone larger with a ‘scroll’ like gesture on the phone.

The patent also shows a module on the back fitted with a sensor that will be able to identify when a user touches the back panel to roll the screen out (or back in), and even judge the amount that the display has been extended by.

Image courtesy: Patently Mobile

It goes without saying that this is just a patent at this point, and there is no telling if Samsung will ever turn this into a real product. As of right now, this seems to just be an idea that people over at Samsung are toying with, so don’t get your hopes up for a phone with this design anytime soon.

Featured image courtesy: Patently Mobile

SOURCE Patently Mobile
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