Samsung Galaxy Watches Will Soon Record Irregular Heart Rhythms

Samsung gains FDA approval for irregular heart rate monitoring

Samsung, with an aim of improving its health features, will soon introduce the ability to record irregular heartbeats, as per a recent approval received by FDA on the matter. With this, the company will take the Galaxy Watch’s ECG functionality to the next level. Continue reading below to find out how.

Samsung Gains FDA Approval For IHRN Feature

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has greenlighted Samsung to introduce a new feature dubbed Irregular Heart Rate Notification (IHRN) to its existing and forthcoming smartwatches. The IHRN functionality is not going to be a standalone feature. It is meant to integrate seamlessly with its pre-existing ECG functionality and the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Samsung believes its IHRN functionality will help users avert potential health risks stemming from cardiovascular diseases. It is claimed that the feature can curb the risk of stroke, heart failure, and cardiovascular complications like AFib. To use this functionality, you will only need to turn the feature on. Your Galaxy Watch will do the rest. It will constantly monitor your heartbeats and will only notify you once it is certain of a number of irregular beats with the help of its BioActive Sensor. You will be then prompted to an ECG on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

IHRM Feature in Samsung Galaxy Watch
Image: Samsung

For those who don’t know, Apple Watches already come with the functionality, and something similar is found in Fitbit wearables too.

Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of the Digital Health Team, at Samsung Electronics, said, “We’re excited to announce that Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification, designed to help millions of people around the world who may not be aware of potential heart risk, has been cleared by the FDA. This is yet another example of how Samsung prioritizes proactive safety solutions and enables users to receive a more holistic understanding of their cardiovascular and overall health.

The upcoming Galaxy smartwatch, possibly the Galaxy Watch 6 series will be the first to receive this new IHRN functionality (as part of One UI 5 for Watch), launching later this year. Afterward, Samsung is planning a steady rollout of the feature to Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 Series.

So what do you think of this new feature? Do you think this is a significant addition to Galaxy Watches? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE Samsung Newsroom
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  • Abdullah Masood says:

    No good, as Samsung is yet to get approval from the regulatory authority in India for monitoring ECG & BP.

  • Odin says:

    Will this feature be available in India as ECG and BP monitoring is not supported in all countries including India..???

  • Mayur says:

    Will I be able to record ECG and measure BP without the known workarounds?

  • Premchand says:

    Fatalistic feature

  • Hiren shah says:

    Wow super duper Idea I am already using galaxy watch 5 LTE this function will help me a lot to improve my health

    • Sanket says:

      Are you using a workaround, because ECG and BPM is disabled in India.

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