Blox Fruits Tier List: Best Fruits Ranked (May 2024)

In Short
  • Devil fruits are a key part of your utility in Roblox Blox Fruits and can be obtained by trading or sheer luck.
  • There are three types of fruits in the game: Natural (Paramecia), Elemental (Logia), and Beast (Zoan).
  • In this tier list, we have separated them into S, A, B, C, and the D-tier, which will help find the best fruits in Blox Fruits.

Devil fruits are a major part of the Blox Fuits experience in Roblox. Be it the common ones that help you farm or a rare fruit that makes you stronger in fights, they are all essential. While knowing devil fruit values in Blox Fruits is important, knowing the best out of the lot is, too. To help you with that, we have compiled all the devil fruits in a handy Blox Fruits tier list to help you know which one you should get.

Our tier list considers the fruit rarity and the price-to-value ratio to decide which one belongs at the top. Also, while you are here, check out Blox Fruits codes to get an XP boost, stats reset, and money using these codes. Now, without wasting any time, let us get to it.

Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List

Below, we have listed all the fruits in a tier list format so that you know which Blox Fruits devil fruit to choose when trying to get one. As mentioned above, we’ve considered the spawn rate, prices, and what value these fruits provide before putting them in their respective tiers. So, with that, here’s the list.

TierFruit Name
SKitsune, Leopard, Dragon, Venom, Rumble, Buddha, Dough, Shadow, Spirit, Dark, Blizzard, T-Rex, Magma
APhoenix, Control, Light, Flame, Quake, Ice, Ghost, Spider
BChop, Portal, Sand, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
CLove, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon, Sound, Rumble
DBarrier, Spin, Spike, Bomb, Rocket

Best Fruits in Blox Fruits

A good devil fruit is always easy to obtain in-game. But not all the fruits are good in every category. In Blox Fruits, there are three types of fruit. These types determine their skills, damage, and more. The three devil fruit types are Natural (Paramecia), Elemental (Logia), and Beast (Zoan). There are a total of 39 fruits in Blox Fruits that can currently be used.

Best Zoan or Beast Fruits

Blox Fruits Best Beast Fruits

Zoan or Beast fruits give you one of the most substantial boosts in the game. Most of these fruits help you out in grinding and combat. These fruits are hard to find but offer the best value. However, the Falcon is a fruit that does not provide enough value despite being a beast fruit. Other than that, all of the other fruits of this type stay in the S or A tier.

TierFruit Name
SKitsune, Leopard, Dragon, Buddha, T-Rex
APhoenix, Mammoth

Best Logia or Elemental Fruits

Unlike the beast variants, the Logia or Elemental fruits can be decent if used properly. These fruits can be found easily enough and mostly have little value.

Logia fruits can also be handy if used properly. One such use is for first sea adventures. Most Logia fruits belong in the A tier with some exceptions like Sand and Smoke, which provide poor value in Blox Fruits. Dark and Dough can be strong elemental fruits if you carry one.

TierFruit Name
SDark, Dough, Blizzard, Magma
A Light, Flame, Ice
CRumble, Smoke

Best Paramecia or Natural Fruits

Paramecia, or Natural devil fruits, are commonly found in Blox fruits. Although these fruits mostly help you in the early game, they can vary from the S-tier to the D-tier. Spirit, Venom, and Shadow are some of the strongest Paramecia fruits. The D-Tier fruits like Chop and Spin are not worth using if you want to become the pirate king.

TierFruit Name
SVenom, Shadow, Spirit
AControl, Quake, Ghost, Spider
BChop, Portal, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
CLove, Rubber, Spring, Sound
DBarrier, Spin, Spike, Bomb, Rocket

That was our Blox Fruits tier list ranking the best devil fruits from the best to the worst. Note that we will keep updating this list occasionally with new updates. Don’t feel your favorite fruit belongs in D-Tier? Let us know why in the comments down below!

Comments 5
  • Alex says:

    Why did you put Sound in D tier?

  • Neonical says:

    1-Mammoth Should also be considered an S.
    2-Quake should be at C.
    3-Love should be B.
    4-Sound should be A.
    4-Both Diamond and Gravity deserves D.
    And for elementals…
    S:Dough, Blizzard
    A:Magma, Ice, Light, Rumble
    B:Dark, Sand, Flame
    -A Max Level Player

    • Alex says:

      yes, that’s true, but magma and light but certainly deserve a s tier. Love is a high B or low A in my opinion

  • Walker says:

    Magma should be higher listed

  • Anonymous says:

    I disagree strongly with your tier list. First of all, sand is super OP and underrated. The same thing applies with love, chop, and bomb. Also, why did you rank barrier so high? Personally, I think barrier deserves a C tier at it’s highest, and I’m pretty sure the community ranks barrier even lower than that.

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