Blox Fruits Map: All Islands and Locations Across the Three Seas

In Short
  • Feeling lost sailing the vast seas of Blox Fruits? This guide provides a comprehensive map for all three areas of the game!
  • Explore 13 islands in the First Sea (levels 1-700), then tackle 12 locations in the Second Sea (levels 700-1500) for a true challenge.
  • The endgame Third Sea is under development, but 8 exciting locations await you upon reaching level 1500!

Lost in the vast world of Blox Fruits? A map is your key to navigating the pirate adventure. It will guide you to new islands, hidden secrets, and powerful devil fruits. Even seasoned Blox Fruit players players benefit from these maps, as the seas keep expanding with new updates. If you’re someone who wants to entire Blox Fruits map spanning across all islands and locations, keep reading to know it all inside out!

Blox Fruits Map Overview

There are almost 40+ island locations across the three seas on the Blox Fruits maps. New Blox Fruits locations open up as the player levels up. So if you want to unlock all these sea locations then you should learn how to level up fast in Blox Fruits. Here is a brief overview of all the Blox Fruit seas in the game before we dive deep:

  • First Sea: The First Sea is the welcoming area for new Blox Fruits adventurers. Designed for characters from level 1 to 700, it provides a safe space to learn the ropes, complete quests, and battle enemies to gain strength and experience. This is where you’ll build your foundation for future challenges in the vast world of Blox Fruits.
  • Second Sea: Only the ones who cleared the First Sea can enter this level-locked zone. As such, the challenge gets harder and only players above level 700 can enter this Blox Fruits area.
  • Third Sea: The third Sea is the most challenging area, accessible only to high-level players (1500+). It is currently under development. This means players can expect new content and experiences in this endgame zone in future updates.

1. Blox Fruits First Sea Map

Blox Fruits First Sea Map

The First Sea acts as the starter area in your journey, offering 13 islands to explore before reaching level 700. Each island presents unique challenges with varying difficulty levels. As you progress, you’ll encounter new NPCs, defeat bosses, and unlock secrets throughout this introductory zone. Here are all the areas found in Blox Fruits first sea:

Starter Island

  • Level: Any
  • Quests: Defeat starter enemies like Bandits and Trainees
  • NPCs: Job Recruiters, Vehicle Dealers
  • Directions: Starting Island

Jungle Island

  • Level: 15
  • Quests: Defeat monkeys and gorillas
  • Boss: Gorilla King
  • Directions: Travel northeast from Starter Island

Pirate Village

  • Level: 30
  • Quests: Defeat Pirates and Brutes
  • Boss: Bobby the Clown
  • Directions: Travel northeast from the jungle


  • Level: 60
  • Quests: Defeat Bandits and desert officers
  • Directions: Travel east from Pirate Village
  • Boss: None

Middle Town

  • Level: 100
  • Boss: Saw
  • Directions: Located directly opposite to Starter Island

Frozen Village

  • Level: 90
  • Quests: Defeat Snow Bandits, Snowmen, Yeti
  • Boss: Yeti
  • Directions: Travel north/center from Starter Island

Marine Fortress

  • Level: 120
  • Quests: Defeat Marine Officers and the Vice-Admiral
  • Directions: Travel north from Frozen Village
  • Boss: Vice Admiral, Greybeard


  • Level: 150
  • Quests: Defeat Sky Bandits, Gods Guard, Thunder God
  • Boss: Thunder God and Wysper
  • Directions: Center floating islands, needs flying abilities


  • Level: 190
  • Quests: Defeat Prisoners, Wardens, Swan
  • Boss: Chief Warden and Swan
  • Directions: Travel west from the Frozen Village


  • Level: 225
  • Quests: Defeat Gladiators and Toga Warriors
  • Directions:  Travel east from the Frozen Village
  • Boss: None

Magma Village

  • Level: 300
  • Quests: Defeat Military Units and Magma Admiral
  • Boss: Magma Admiral
  • Directions: Floating island behind the Marine Fortress

Underwater City

  • Level: 375
  • Quests: Defeat Fishmen and Fishman Lord
  • Boss: Fishman Lord
  • Directions: Travel south from the Frozen Village

Fountain City

  • Level: 625
  • Quests: Defeat Galleon Forces and Cyborg
  • Boss: Cyborg
  • Directions: Floating island behind the Colosseum

2. Blox Fruits Second Sea Map

Blox Fruits Second Sea Map

Reaching level 700 in Blox Fruits unlocks the Second Sea, a whole new area brimming with tougher enemies and fresh challenges. This expansion offers a significant power jump for players, introducing new islands to explore, powerful bosses to conquer, and even the ability to awaken your Devil Fruit. Here are all the areas found in Blox Fruits Second Sea Map:

Kingdom of Rose

  • Level: 700
  • Quests: Defeat Raiders, Mercs, and Jeremy
  • Boss: Diamond and Jeremy
  • Directions: Starting island in Second Sea

Usoap’s Island

  • Level: 700
  • Quests: None
  • Boss: None
  • Directions: Behind the Kingdom of Rose


  • Level: 700
  • Quests: Bartillo’s Colosseum Quest
  • Boss: None
  • Directions: Inside the Kingdom of Rose

Don Swan’s Mansion

  • Level: 700
  • Quests: Defeat Don Swan
  • Boss: Don Swan
  • Directions: Inside the Kingdom of Rose

Green Zone

  • Level: 875
  • Quests: Defeat Marines and Fajita
  • Boss: Fajita
  • Directions: Travel northwest from the Kingdom of Rose


  • Level: 925
  • Quests: Slay Zombies and Vampires
  • Directions: Travel west from the Kingdom of Rose
  • Boss: None

Snow Mountain

  • Level: 1,000
  • Quests: Vanquish Snow Troops and Winter Warriors
  • Directions: Travel north from the Kingdom of Rose
  • Boss: None

Hot and Cold

  • Level: 1,100
  • Quests: Defeat Multiple Enemy Factions and Boss Duo
  • Boss: Smoke Admiral and Awakened Ice Admiral
  • Directions: Travel north from Graveyard Island

Cursed Ship

  • Level: 1,000
  • Quests: Fight respawning Ship Crews
  • Directions: Next to Graveyard Island
  • Boss: None

Ice Castle

  • Level: 1,350
  • Quests: Battle Arctic Warriors and Awakened Ice Admiral
  • Boss: Awakened Ice Admiral
  • Directions: Travel north from Dark Arena

Forgotten Island

  • Level: 1,425
  • Quests: Defeat Aquatic Foes and Tide Keeper
  • Boss: Tide Keeper
  • Directions: Travel north from Green Zone

Dark Arena

  • Level: 1,000
  • Boss: Darkbeard
  • Directions: Travel northeast from the Kingdom of Rose

3. Blox Fruits Third Sea Map

Blox Fruits Third Sea Map

Blox Fruits’ Third Sea unlocks a massive expansion with 8 exciting new locations to explore. To embark on this adventure, you’ll need to train your character to level 1,500 and face a powerful boss. As it is in development, here are all the Blox Fruits locations we know of now:

Port Town

  • Level: 1500
  • Quests: Defeat Pirate Millionaires, Pistol Billionaires, Stone
  • Boss: Stone
  • Directions: Starting Island

Hydra Island

  • Level: 1575
  • Quests: Defeat Dragon Crew, Islanders, Island Empress
  • Boss: Island Empress
  • Directions: Northeast from Port Town

Great Tree

  • Level: 1700
  • Quests: Defeat Marine Commodore, Rear Admiral, Kilo Admiral
  • Boss: Kilo Admiral
  • Directions: West of Hydra Island

Floating Turtle

  • Level: 1775
  • Quests: Defeat Fishmen, Pirates, Captain Elephant, Beautiful Pirate
  • Bosses: Captain Elephant, Beautiful Pirate
  • Directions: North of western Great Tree

Castle on the Sea

  • Level: None
  • Quests: Eliminate players/pirates
  • Boss: None
  • Directions: Northwest from Port Town

Haunted Castle

  • Level: 1975
  • Quests: Defeat Skeletons, Zombies, Demonic Souls
  • Boss: Soul Reaper
  • Directions: Northwest from Castle on the Sea

Sea of Treats

  • Level: 2075
  • Quests: Defeat Scouts, Chefs, Guards, Cocoa Warriors, Cake Prince
  • Boss: Cake Prince
  • Directions: Northeast from Great Tree

Tiki Outpost

  • Level: 2450
  • Quests: TBA (content not out yet)
  • Boss: None
  • Directions: North from Castle on the Sea

More Third Sea locations are coming soon with new updates. We will update this section as soon as they arrive.

And these are all the Blox Fruits maps with the seas. With the map in your hands, grab some Blox Fruits codes and start your pirate journey. Which location in Blox Fruits is most difficult across all three seas to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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