Reliance Jio Announces “2020 Happy New Year Offer”

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In many ways, Reliance Jio is the operator that brought about the mobile internet revolution in India, forcing other telecom operators to reduce data prices to never before seen rates, and now, the company is preparing to welcome in the new decade with another exciting offer.

The Reliance Jio 2020 Happy New Year offer brings unlimited services to Jio customers for the entire year for a one time charge of ₹2,020. With that payment, smartphone users will get 1.5GB data per day along with unlimited calls to other Jio subscribers. For calls made outside the Jio network, there will be a fair usage policy of 12,000 minutes. Along with that, subscribers will get Jio apps for free.

The offer is also applicable for Jio Phone users who, according to sources, will get a new Jio Phone along with 0.5GB data per day for the entire year for ₹2,020.

As one would expect, this offer can only be availed during a limited time period spanning from December 24 to the first week of January. So, if you are a Reliance Jio subscriber, this is definitely an offer you should check out. 1.5GB data per day for the entire year, along with unlimited calls within the same network and 12,000 minutes for other networks sounds like a really solid deal at the price. Plus, if you’ve been thinking of getting a Jio Phone, this offer will get you a brand new handset along with all the benefits.

VIA Bloomberg
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