Reliance Jio Partners with Nvidia to Develop India’s Own ChatGPT-Like LLM

This image depicts the Reliance Industries logo on the left and the Nvidia logo on the right

In its 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held recently, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries shared its plan to build India-specific AI models and AI apps for various use-cases in the country. To bring their ambition to fruition, Reliance has joined hands with American GPU maker Nvidia to build a localized Large Language Model (LLM) for India.

Yeah, you read it right! Reliance wants to build an India-centric ChatGPT alternative, and Nvidia’s expertise in the domain is going to come in super handy. Nvidia will provide Reliance with the required technologies to make this a reality. Check out all the details below.

Jio to Build India-Specific LLM with Nvidia

Nvidia made this announcement in an official press release, highlighting that it will work with Jio, the telecom arm of Reliance Industries, to build AI infrastructure and Generative AI apps that benefit the netizens. Nvidia will provide its most advanced GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and DGX Cloud infrastructure to enable Jio to build a custom LLM for “more than 450 million Jio users,” which will be trained on India’s diverse language landscape.

Nvidia further adds that the magnitude of this collaboration will result in the creation of an infrastructure that will supersede the “fastest supercomputer in India today.”

Source: Jio

This cloud-based infrastructure will aid Jio in developing AI products and services that will be highly localized in nature and will also provide opportunities for researchers, developers, startups, and scientists to build upon its models. As per the deal, Jio will manage the AI infrastructure by hosting it on its AI-ready data centers of up to 2,000 MW capacity. And subsequently, it will also handle the rollout and customer interaction part.

Commenting on the partnership, Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia who was recently visiting India said, “We are delighted to partner with Reliance to build state-of-the-art AI supercomputers in India. India has scale, data, and talent. With the most advanced AI computing infrastructure, Reliance can build its own large language models that power generative AI applications made in India, for the people of India.”

With this partnership, Reliance is doubling down on its promise of providing AI to “everyone, everywhere.” This will significantly boost the technological sector and impact the different verticals of the country like the government, businesses, and consumers alike. So, what do you think of the Jio and Nvidia partnership? Do you think Jio can build a localized LLM model that can rival the likes of ChatGPT? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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