Reddit Teamed up with an SMS Hotline to Prevent Suicides

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Reddit is a vast platform with a massive user-base. Within the platform, many users go through tough times and have suicidal thoughts. Reddit announced recently that they have teamed up with an SMS hotline service to help these users and provide them with proper counselling.

The social media platform have collaborated with the Crisis Text Line which is a free SMS service for users in the US. The Crisis Text Line is responsible for offering free and confidential support to those who are suffering from depression and mental health problems.

How Will It Work?

Reddit recently published that they integrated a new feature in the platform that will allow users and moderators to flag someone who they think are going through a tough time and are prone to self-harm or suicide. The concerned Redditor, if they come across an overwhelming suicidal post or a comment, can report a specific post or a comment by selecting the option – “Someone is considering suicide or serious self-harm”. They can also visit the person’s profile and tap the option – “Get them help and support”.Reddit ssOnce a person is flagged, Reddit will reach out to the user by informing them that “a fellow Redditor is worried about them”. Then the platform will help that user get in touch with a Crisis Text Line counsellor. The professional counsellors of Crisis Text Line are trained to talk to someone who is considering suicide. One of these counsellors will then talk to them and help them to be safe.

This feature can be hugely helpful for people who are struggling with life and are considering to harm themselves. As Reddit is an anonymous social platform, people sometimes show their most vulnerable side on the platform.

Mental health problems are not fictional and are as real as the Coronavirus. So if you think that someone you know is going through a time they cannot bear, get them help right away.

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