Realme Releases Android Pie Kernel Sources for the Realme X2

Realme X2 launched in india - specs, price and availability

Chinese tech firms are not known for releasing the kernel sources of their devices in keeping with GNU licensing requirements, but Realme has been a notable exception. Ever since its inception last year, the company has been consistently wooing power users by encouraging third-party development on its devices. Keeping up with the practice, the company has now released the kernel sources of the Realme X2 on Github, enabling developers to start their work on TWRP custom recovery and custom ROMs.

While getting OEMs to release the kernel source codes of their smartphones remain a challenge for FOSS proponents and third-party developers, things are seemingly changing recently with even Xiaomi starting to release the kernel source codes of its devices in a relatively more timely manner than it has in the past. The company last September released the kernel codes of the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro just weeks after their official launch as part of its efforts to align itself to companies like Samsung, who typically releases the kernel sources of its devices before their global launch.

Coming back to the Realme X2, now that the kernel source codes are on Github, we expect some cool third-party developments for the device, including custom kernels and ROMs. The X2 was only launched in India last week, but has already gained a large following among users looking for an affordable mid-range phone. So if you’re one of those who already snapped up the device or are planning to do so, you will be happy to know that third-party development is probably already in the works.

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