Realme Fitness Band, VOOC-Enabled Power Bank Launching Soon, Confirms CEO

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In the latest episode of #AskMadhav on YouTube, the CEO of Oppo’s Realme sub-brand, Madhav Sheth, confirmed that the company is planning to launch its first fitness band in the first half of 2020. He had earlier announced that the company was working on a fitness band that might be launched in India sooner rather than later. It’s been two full months since then, so it remains to be seen how much longer it would take for the device to hit primetime. Meanwhile, he also revealed that VOOC-enabled power banks are part of the company’s product roadmap going forward.

Sheth also spoke at length about a number of other issues related to Realme and its position in India, in particular. According to him, the company is looking to expand its operations to become the largest tech-lifestyle brand in the country with an youth-centric approach. Towards that end, the company has already launched a series of lifestyle products and tech accessories in the country, including wireless earbuds, a Tote bag, a backpack and more.

It’s worth noting that Sheth did not divulge any real details about the upcoming fitness band, including its tech specs, pricing or any specific ETA, but we should hopefully get some of those details as we come closer to the launch date. It will be interesting to see whether Realme will look to compete at the entry-level by going up against the Mi Band and the Honor Band, or if it will be a more premium offering with enhanced functionalities at a higher price-point.

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