Ratan Tata Teaches You How to Pitch Your Startup

Ratan Tata Tells You How to Approach Investors

Indian industrialist Ratan Tata has proven that Instagram is not all about the flashy images. The 81-year-old philanthropist is using the social media platform to help budding entrepreneurs bring clarity to their vision.

Earlier this week, Mr. Tata shared a “basic entry-level pitch deck” that could be a crucial resource to all the entrepreneurs out there that lack proper guidance to execute their ideas.

“The young debuting entrepreneurs among you are setting out on your exciting startup journeys, but you’ve often asked what the first step might be. I have, with the help of my office, put together a basic entry-level pitch deck, which if nothing else, might help you collect your thoughts and get started. I encourage you to research its elements, and create your own recipe, that helps you seek investments and take your stories further, stories that I cannot wait to see succeed.”, wrote Mr.Tata in an Instagram post.

We have gone through the deck and the following are the key takeaways. Firstly, you must be clear of the problem you’re trying to solve and validate the problem with real-life examples.

Your solution to the problem and your idea’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) should be mentioned so that investors would gain interest in your pitch. The pitch deck suggests you find the competition in the business, revenue model, and the target market.

Ratan Tata Pitch Deck 1

The way in which your product or service adds value should be explained in layman terms followed by the milestones achieved and the funding raised so far. Finally, the pitch deck recommends you to introduce your founding members along with their credentials.

Ratan Tata wants you to validate all the slides you have included in your presentation with relevant data as “numbers don’t lie”. “It is usually not a great idea because you think so, but because your target market said so. Don’t be afraid to recognize that it won’t work and change direction or drop it completely. The right idea might be the next one. Getting funded does not mean success! Pitch less like a presentation, more like a story!”, says Mr.Tata’s pitch deck.

Check out the Pitch Deck presentation file here and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

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