“Who Has Your Face” Quiz Reveals Which US Agencies Have Your Facial Data

Who has your face feat.

In a time when lawmakers can get to know you just by getting a picture of yours, privacy has become more of a myth than a right. We saw how the US law agencies were using the controversial Clearview AI app to gather information about citizens using facial recognition. So, if you are curious about which government agencies have your facial data, then you should take the “Who Has Your Face” quiz to find out.

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched a quiz that will tell users which government agencies have their facial data stored in their database. This can give the users an idea about who can get to know them just by their picture.

By working with the think tank, the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law, the EFF was able to ascertain which government photos are shared with the authorities. The organisations worked together by analysing public records from the state DMVs and the federal agencies like the ICE and the FBI. The main aim of this quiz is to help the citizens know exactly which authorities have their pictures in facial recognition databases without their consent.

The “Who Has Your Face” quiz contains 5 simple questions based on three main queries. These three factors are the primary ones that can reveal which agency has your facial data. So, the three major questions that the quiz analyses are:

  • Whether you have some form of state ID like a driver’s license.
  • Whether you have a US passport or a US Visa.
  • Whether you have applied for a government job in the US.

If you have any three of these, there is a high chance that the law enforcement agencies have your face in their database.

According to the EFF, “at least half of the Americas are likely in government face recognition databases”. This is mainly because of the “secretive agreements between the state and federal government agencies”. And the citizens cannot even opt-out from this privacy killing system.

So, if you are a US citizen, take the “Who Has Your Face” quiz to find out which law enforcement agency has your face stored in their secret database.

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SOURCE Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
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