Latest PUBG Patch Introduces New Crates and Bugs

PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Delayed, ReShade Blocked

Following the recent test server update on PC, Bluehole Inc. has started rolling out the latest patch to PUBG live servers. The PC 1.0 Update #6, as we mentioned earlier, introduces two new spring crates to the game, along with some optimizations and bug fixes.

However, the update also introduced two new bugs to the game. Firstly, after the update a number of players have noticed an issue where red marks appear on the teammate icons on the minimap and world map. The issue was first reported right after the update went live, and the PUBG development team was quick to roll-out a fix soon afterwards. According to the aforementioned tweets, the bug was successfully identified and resolved within a matter of hours.

Secondly, the update also introduced a new bug due to which some players experienced intermittent stuttering and frame drops during a match. The development team has acknowledged that issue as well, but it hasn’t been resolved as of writing this. However, the PUBG support team has suggested that disabling the replay and death cam functions temporarily fixes the issue. We can confirm that the temporary fix works as we tested out the game, both with the features enabled and disabled. The developers are expected to roll out a permanent fix, but right now there isn’t a set timeline for the same.

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