PUBG Mobile Livik map - chicken dinner

[Update:Coming July 7] PUBG Mobile’s All-New Exclusive Map is Called ‘Livik’

PUBG Mobile Livik map - chicken dinner

Having revived the Miramar map by launching Mad Miramar last month, PUBG Mobile is now introducing an all-new map to the popular battle royale game. Called ‘Livik‘, the new map was being teased by PUBG Mobile for a while now. It was called the ‘Secret Map’ when it went live in the beta version recently. While some reports suggested that it might eventually be called ‘Fourex’, the company has now confirmed otherwise.

When PUBG Mobile started teasing an all-new map, many thought that it might be Erangel 2.0. However, as it turns out, the developers have created a whole new map from scratch. β€˜Livik’, in case you’re still wondering, is the only PUBG Mobile map designed specifically for the mobile version. While others, like Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi, are taken directly from the original PC version. Either way, as you can see below, the name was officially confirmed via a tweet a few hours earlier.

Livik is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, but has something in it for everybody. It has a snowy area on the top-right and a desert on the bottom-left. The rest of the landscape is filled with lush grasslands and trees. Of course, that’s where the rumored ‘Fourex’ name came from, because it has elements from all four existing maps. That said, it also comes with some cool touches of its own, including beautiful waterfalls, healing ponds and monster trucks.

‘Livik’ will be released with the 0.19.0 update, but there’s no ETA for that just yet. Rumors suggest that it might go live in the second week of July, but PUBG Mobile is yet to confirm that officially.

Update 1 (29/06/2020 6:10 pm)

PUBG Mobile has tweeted out that the next PUBG Mobile update, v0.19 will be coming out on July 7 and it will bring along the new Livik map that we have seen in the beta already.

Meanwhile if you’re curious, you should check out our Livik first impressions.

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