How to Optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Phones

PUBG Mobile Club Open Indian Teams Denied German Visa for Finals

How to Optimize PUBG Mobile for Notched Phones

The PUBG Mobile Club Open finals are scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany, on the 26th of July. However, the Indian teams that have qualified for the event have reportedly been denied German Visa.

The Indian teams that qualified – TeamIND, Indian Tigers, and SOUL – were denied the German visa on the grounds that India does not have a governing eSports body.

Team SOUL, which was the winning team of the Indian qualifiers for the tournament, still has time to re-apply for the visa, since they will be participating directly in the main event that’s scheduled to take place on July 26. However, TeamIND, and Indian Tigers have to participate in qualifiers from July 20, and don’t have enough time left to apply for the visa again.

As of now, TeamIND and Indian Tigers will be participating in the qualifiers from NODWIN’s Delhi office – however, that puts them at a significant disadvantage against competing teams. Playing out of Delhi, TeamIND and Indian Tigers will experience higher ping in the tournament, and if you thought high pings were an issue in your regular game, imagine what it’s like to have high ping values in tournaments where the stakes are this high.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open India Finals took place in New Delhi, with 16 of the best Indian PUBG Mobile teams participating in the event, including the likes of Team SOUL, Team HYDRA, TEAM Insidious, etc.

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