PS5 Pro: Expected Release Date, Price, Specs Leaks, and More

In Short
  • Many industry analysts believe that a PS5 Pro launch is imminent, and it should happen sometime in late 2024.
  • As per insider leaks, the upcoming console might support true 4K and 8K resolutions, with proprietary upscaling technology in place.
  • Some also believe that the launch might happen before GTA 6 arrives next year.

With the PS5 inventory shortage finally resolved and the console readily available, many people have already started wondering if the PS5 Pro will be a thing. After all, the PS4 received a bigger and better successor in the PS4 Pro three years after its launch. Though the PS5 Pro rumors and leaks are few and far between right now, every gamer is wondering about the development around Sony’s next-gen console. So today, we have compiled an article to round up everything we know about the PS5 Pro.

We have compiled all the information about the rumored and yet-to-be-released PlayStation 5 Pro in this article. Remember that available details come from leaks and rumors. Hence, them with a pinch of salt.

Editor’s Note This article was last updated on April 16, 2024, to include the brand-new details about the rumored PS5 Pro, including it’s new specs.

PS5 Pro Development

[UPDATE | April 16, 2024]: The Verge has now confirmed the leaked details about the PS5 Pro. According to the details obtained by The Verge regarding PS5 Pro, developers are already being asked to ensure their games are compatible with this upcoming console. The games compatible with the upcoming console will come with the “Trinity Enhanced” (PS5 Pro Enhanced) label if they “provide significant enhancements.”

As per a new specification leak by YouTuber RedGamingTech, the PS5 Pro is in development. He called the upcoming console a “4K ray tracing monster.” The console runs faster on 23.04 TFLOPS (rumored), boasting a faster loading time. Furthermore, judging by the alleged specification (more on that below), the PS5 Pro will be the much-needed mid-generation performance leap for the Sony Console.

As per a new report from Key To Gaming (via Insider Gaming), it seems that the PS5 Pro is in development. Codenamed “Project Trinity,” numerous videogame studios will receive development kits by November 2023. Additionally, Sony is currently showcasing the improvements of the console through various demo events to developers.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, expects to see a PS5. In an interview with, Zelnick asserted that we will see a PS5 Pro released within the current console generation. He also said that the release of PS5 Pro won’t affect the business very much.

While these don’t confirm the existence of a PS5 Pro, Take-Two is a partner studio for PlayStation. With work on GTA 6 currently in full swing, it won’t be surprising if the studio already received dev kits to play around with.

While news of the PS5 Pro’s existence is nothing set in the ground, there have been numerous instances where companies have accidentally revealed its existence. A possible PS5 Pro was initially confirmed in May 2022 during a TCL showcase. The X post (previously Twitter) shared by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming included two images from a conference by TCL Technologies, where it not only allegedly leaked the hardware for the rumored PS5 upgrade but also leaked the existence of an upgrade to the Xbox Series X/S.

Of course, as noted by many users, this could have been speculation or forecast on the company’s part. However, this was the first mention of the PS5 Pro ever spotted in the wild. The rumor mill has since been brewing with not many new details on the horizon. Another Twitter user called @Onion00048 recently pointed out that Sony’s Mark Cerny filed a patent to optimize their Raytracing techniques. This further prompts that the PS5 Pro might indeed be real.

As per Insider Gaming’s latest report, sources confirm that PS5 is due for a mid-life-cycle upgrade, and Sony is already working towards a late 2024 tentative launch date. We discuss more details about the speculated release date in the next section.

PS5 Pro Release Date (Rumored)

[UPDATE | April 16, 2024]: The Verge is doubling down on the rumored holiday 2024 release of the PS5 Pro. Furthermore, August is set to be the time for all games being submitted for the PS5 Pro compatibility. Earlier, as per the report of Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, it seems the PS5 Pro is still eyeing a tentative holiday 2024 release. However, the date might change due to a lack of first-party games availability on launch.

This fits the claims made by Jeff Grubb. He claimed that the upgraded console might launch sometime around December 2024. He speaks about it in his Game Mess podcast, where Grubb claims that industry insiders have confirmed this date, with Sony creating their proprietary upscaling technology.

This matches the previous claims made by Insider Gaming. They reported that the PS5 Pro will launch sometime in late 2024. In the last generation cycle, Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro in November 2016. This was three years after the original launch of PlayStation 4 in November 2013.

With Sony’s past track record and PS4 receiving the Pro upgrade, next year’s holiday release might become a reality. However, remember that only recently (more than two years after its launch) did Sony manage to fix its distribution woes, with the PlayStation 5 shortage slowly fizzing out.

Moreover, in a recent YouTube video, Henderson talked extensively about the PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim, speculating that a new PS5 model with a detachable disk drive will launch in 2023. After that, the Pro model should likely hit the shelves in 2024, which is in line with the timeframe that took the PlayStation 4 Pro to launch after the original console.

Amidst all of this, the recent Sony forecast means that the plans can shift and change. Since Sony has cut their console sales forecast, we can expect some changes to the plans. However, we can still expect a pro variant to launch in late 2024, as per the CNBC analysis. Furthermore, with GTA 6 getting announced, Sony might be eyeing for a release before the hotly-anticipated launch of the game.

PS5 Pro Design Upgrade

It’s hard to speculate the design upgrade that the PS5 Pro will bring over Sony’s latest-gen console. It’s a mammoth console that occupies space on your desk. And if we go by PS4 and PS4 Pro standards, we can only expect the PS5 Pro model to be beefier than its predecessor.

If the specifications and feature upgrades we discuss in the next section become a reality, the PS5 Pro might become larger. However, if Sony is aware of the user feedback on the PS5, the company knows they have been requesting a smaller console. So, the PS5 Pro could preserve the same bulky design (with aesthetic upgrades) and cram the latest components within. We will update this section once we receive any official design leaks, so stay tuned for more information.

PS5 with Controller

PS5 Pro Speculated Specifications and Leak

[UPDATE | April 16, 2024]: The Verge has now confirmed the rumored specs from the Moore’s Law is Dead documents and RedGamingTech leaks. Furthermore, the publishers also learned that Sony is giving game developers a choice between two settings for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro. One setting is a standard mode that runs the CPU at 3.5GHz, just like the current PS5. The other option is a high CPU frequency mode that clocks the CPU up to 3.85GHz for potentially better performance. Additionally, Sony is bumping the standard PS5 memory of 448GB/s up by 28 percent to 576GB/s on the PS5 Pro. The PSSR or “custom architecture for machine learning” on the PS5 Pro will support 300TOPS of 8-bit computation. PS5 Pro also grants developers access to an additional 1.2GB of system memory for games, bringing the total to 13.7GB compared to the 12.5GB available on the standard PS5.

In brand-new information shared by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, we get a new look at the upcoming PS5 Pro. The YouTuber shared new specs, which are leaked documentation from a PlayStation developer portal. As per the documentation, the PS5 Pro will have:

  • 33.5 TeraFlops power.
  • Will be able to perform raw rendering 45% faster.
  • Raytracing uplift by 2X – 4X.
  • A custom architecture for machine learning.
  • Will have its proprietary upscaling technology called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution.

Well-known insider Tom Henderson also corroborated and confirmed that the leaked specs by Moore’s Law Is Dead are true. As per a report on Insider Gaming, Henderson claimed that they had access to the documentation for a while. However, they didn’t publicly share it because of a condition from the developer.

Earlier, Jeff Grub claimed that Sony is creating a proprietary upscale technology that will utilize frame generation. It will work similarly to NVIDIA’s DLSS and has the chance to improve the frame rate by 50%. Per Tom’s Hardware, the reason for creating one instead of using AMD’s FSR lies in the hardware’s Linux-based OS. As such, they preferred creating their frame generation technology.

The above upscaling tech, and previously rumored specification leak from YouTuber RedGamingTech might finally ensure the console hitting 4K at 120FPS for good. Even when using raytracing. Previously, RedGamingTech mentioned the following specs:

  • New Custom APU with TSMC 5/4nm Process
  • 8 Cores based on Zen 4
  • Integrated GPU with 30 Workgroup Processors (WGP) and 60 Compute Units (CU)
  • iGPU could be based on RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5 architecture
  • APU could feature 96 ROPs (50% more compared to base PS5)
  • Higher CPU clocks at 3.6GHz, along with higher GPU clocks at 2.7GHz
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • Potential enhancements to the built-in NVMe SSD

Each of these upgrades, if true, confirms that the console will provide an impressive performance boost for the upcoming and existing games. Additionally, as per the specs, we can expect Sony to improve the console’s Raytracing capabilities and loading times.

According to the mentioned Key To Gaming report, specifications are hard to come across. However, this “Project Trinity” will have 30 WGP and 18000mts memory. As for the console’s expected performance target, PlayStation looks to obtain a consistent FPS at 4K resolution, a new ‘performance mode’ for 8K resolution support, and better Raytracing implementation.

The next thing numerous people wonder about is the specifications of the PS5 Pro. We noticed an impressive performance leap between the original PS4 and the PS4 Pro when it launched in 2016. In the case of PS5, the base console supports next-gen features like Raytracing, higher resolution gaming (4K @ 120Hz), and more. You will find a list of the best PS5 games attached here.

We expect the PS5 Pro to include a better Radeon GPU to deliver better frame rates while utilizing Raytracing and supporting up to 8K gaming. As previously mentioned, TCL also claimed the same during their presentation. Sony’s next-gen console might include the upcoming RX 7700XT graphics card based on the RDNA 3 architecture, enabling true 8K @ 60Hz gaming. However, we suggest you take this leak with a pinch of salt and wait for more concrete information.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/PlayStation

Currently, the PS5 is based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, utilizing an 8-core processor and 16GB of RAM. This allows the console to deliver true 4K @ 120Hz gaming with ray tracing. Since its launch, AMD has made great strides in the CPU segment. So, you can expect the PS5 Pro to utilize the latest AMD Zen4 CPU architecture, bringing better performance and enhanced efficiency. Further, a report from last year suggested that the console will offer double the capabilities of the PS5.

Sony should also consider upgrading the internal SSD to provide more usable storage space to gamers. The PlayStation 5 has an 825GB SSD with only 667GB of usable space. Hopefully, Sony will equip the rumored console with at least 1TB SSD, offering more usable storage space to gamers. With modern games getting larger, users are forced to install or upgrade the SSD on their PS5.

The CPU and GPU upgrades could make the PS5 Pro an attractive investment for buyers since 8K TVs are slowly becoming affordable for gamers to purchase.

Speculated PS5 Pro Pricing

The same story as above continues in the pricing segment as well. There is not much available information, but we can make an educated guess about the PlayStation 5 Pro pricing.

Looking at the previous-gen console pricing, the PS4 Pro was released at the same price as the original PS4 at $399 in the US.

That means the PS5 Pro will replace the current-gen PS5 and launch at the same price of $499 in the market in 2024. We could also see the PS5 get a compact version, which we discuss in the next section. This is mere speculation at this point, though. Given the hardware upgrade and performance improvements the console might bring, we could see Sony increase the price and release the PS5 Pro at $599, a $100 increase over the existing console. It won’t be surprising at all. However, Sony needs to be aggressive while competing with Xbox. Plus, you can expect the original PS5 to finally receive a price cut, as it hardly received discounts post-launch.

Will there be a PS5 Pro or Slim?

As of today, while the PS5 Pro rumors are still rumors, the PS5 Slim has been launched officially. It will start selling after the current models get phased out.

Should I buy the PS5 or wait for the PS5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro, if it exists, is likely to offer you better hardware and performance overall. However, its launch is still far away, the rumors hinting at a late 2024 release date. So, if you are eager to buy a gaming console right now, we suggest you go for the PS5 instead of waiting for the Pro upgrade. You are missing out on games like GOW Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and many more.

How much FPS will the PS5 Pro have?

The PS5 natively supports gaming at 4K@60Hz resolution, with some games even achieving up to 120FPS (frames per second). The latest rumors suggest that PS5 Pro’s hardware upgrades will deliver double the performance of the original PS5 console. So, you can expect the PS5 Pro to support true 4K gaming at 60FPS with ray tracing enabled, along with 8K gaming for select games.

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