You Can Soon Join Discord Voice Calls Directly from PS5

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In Short
  • Sony has announced a new way to directly join Discord voice chats from the PS5 itself.
  • To begin look for the Discord tab within the PS5 Control Center's Game Base which will be your hub for connecting with friends.
  • The PS5 update will roll out across regions, starting with Japan/Asia and then moving to Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and finally the Americas.

Building on its successful partnership with Discord, Sony has announced the next step in connecting PS5 players with their friends. That’s right, you will soon be able to join direct Discord voice chats from the console itself!

Previously, console users could only get Discord on PS5 by initiating the connection through the Discord mobile or PC app. This will happen through an upcoming PS5 update (24.04-09.40.00) that will finally roll out a new feature that allows PS5 players to seamlessly join Discord voice chats directly from the PS5! This will finally eliminate the need for a separate device and make connecting with friends on Discord even easier.

This upcoming PS5 update will roll out in select regions over the coming weeks starting from Japan/Asia, followed by Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and finally the Americas, so keep an eye out for the update.

Remember to update your PS5 software and link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts beforehand (instructions available here) to ensure a smooth transition.

How to Join Discord Voice Chat on PS5

Want to join Discord Voice Chats on PS5? Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open the PS5 Control Center and navigate to the “Game Base” tab.
  • There, you’ll find a dedicated section for Discord.
  • Select the Discord server or direct message group you want to join.
  • Find the specific voice channel you want to chat in and select it.
  • Before joining, you can check who’s already chatting in the channel.
  • If a Discord friend calls you directly, you’ll receive a notification on your PS5 console, allowing you to join the call instantly.
Discord Voice chat directly on PS5 how to
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Along with the direct Discord voice chat, Profile Share also begins rolling out next week. This will help you share your PlayStation profile with others using a shareable link or QR code.

Are you excited to use Discord voice chat directly from your PS5 console? Sony says players use PS5 290 million times to hang out with friends in Discord voice channels while gaming. Are you one of them? Tell us in the comments below.

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