Project Sandcastle Lets You Boot Android on an iPhone

Project Sandcastle

Developers at Correllium have managed to boot Android on iPhones. Dubbed Project Sandcastle, the project utilizes the popular checkra1n jailbreak to make this possible.

“The iPhone restricts users to operate inside a sandbox. But when you buy an iPhone, you own the iPhone hardware. Android for the iPhone gives you the freedom to run a different operating system on that hardware.”, reads the project website.

Before you get too excited, do note the methodology is applicable only to a limited number of devices – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPod Touch to be precise. Since the project relies on checkra1n jailbreak, it may not ever be compatible with devices newer than the iPhone X unless a new jailbreak technique is developed.

If the company’s name sounds familiar, it is the same company that is being sued by Apple for developing an iPhone emulator. It is worth mentioning that the co-founders of Correllium, David Wang and Chris Wade had managed to port Android to iPhone ten years back for the original iPhone.

While the project took almost one year to complete back in the day, Correllium claims that they managed to get this beta version ready in less than a month. Take a look at the chart below to know the project’s current status.

project sandcastle status

If you’re interested, you may view the source code of the project at GitHub or download the builds here. Before you proceed towards installation, do keep in mind that the project is still under development and is no way intended for general use just yet, so proceed at your own risk.

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